Episode 15 Jamie Howarth


Today I am pleased to welcome Jamie Howarth into the Sonic Garage.

Jamie owns an audio restoration company called Plangent Processes which is known as the finest tape playback system in the world.

Jamie is an Emmy-award winning composer, musical director and engineer.  He has also won a Grammy and has recently received another Grammy nomination for the work he has done with Plangent.

What exactly is the Plangent Process?  It’s a custom magnetic playback system that provides an exclusive process for removing wow, flutter and distortion from analog tape.

Plangent has improved the sound of practically every tape it’s been used on, even if the tape didn’t appear to have any problems with it to begin with.

Jamie and Plangent have had the honor of being able to restore catalogs for such artists as the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and more.  Plangent has also been used to very successfully restore classic films as well.

Jamie is very passionate about what Plangent can do and has devoted his life to insuring that as many classic works as possible are restored to their highest quality possible.

I hope you like hearing about how Jamie got to where he’s at today and how he discovered the Plangent Process along the way.

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Plangent Processes

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