Episode 21 David Morgan

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Stopping by the Sonic Garage this week is concert sound engineer David Morgan.

As his good friend Sam Berkow pointed out – “quite simply put, there are different live sound engineers than David Morgan, but not better live sound engineers”, and after getting a chance to speak with David for almost two and a half hours, it’s easy to see why Sam thinks so highly of him.  Not only is David highly knowledgeable about all things audio, he’s fun to speak with and has plenty of great stories to tell.

Since the late 70’s, David has had the opportunity to not only tour with, but become friends with some of the most iconic musicians of the last 5 decades.  He has gotten to mix some of the most legendary concerts of our time, and masterfully transmit to the listening audience the very best representation of what’s being played on the stage.

For the last 5 years, David has been a contributing journalist for FOH Magazine and FOH Online, including his popular monthly column, “On the Digital Edge”.

In addition, David is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California, and also at Blackbird Academy located at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  Here is a great article that David wrote about Blackbird for FOH Magazine recently.

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One thought on “Episode 21 David Morgan

  1. Nice interview, David’s story of the Earthworks Mics brings a smile to my face. Working with David was a huge and important part of my tenure at Earthworks.

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