Episode 23 Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw in Studio

Stopping by the Sonic Garage this week is 4-time Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Chris Shaw.

Chris started his career as an intern in New York City, getting his big break working with top hip-hop artists like Public Enemy and LL Cool J.

Shortly after making a name for himself in the world of hip-hop, Chris became a freelance producer/engineer and has since gone on to work with a great number of influential artists and bands such as Bob Dylan, Weezer, Ric Ocasek, and Cheap Trick, to name just a few of the talented musicians he’s been associated with.

A couple of years ago, Chris made the move from the big city to a small town just outside of Austin, Texas where he has really been enjoying doing a lot of mixing out of his home studio.

Chris is a very talented and inspirational person and I really enjoyed speaking with him, I hope you get a lot out of his interview!

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Chris Shaw

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