Episode 42 April Tucker

April Tucker Photo

Joining me on the show this week is Re-recording Mixer, Editor, and Engineer April Tucker!

Originally from northern Colorado, April has worked in Los Angeles for over a decade now, taking on many different post-production audio assignments.  When April originally landed in Los Angeles, her goal was to obtain a job on a scoring stage, but was advised by many audio veterans to follow a different path to success in the music industry.  She heeded that advice and went into post-production instead, a move she is very happy about!

April has successfully worked as a re-recording mixer, sound editor, music editor, music/scoring mixer, ADR engineer, and Foley engineer, and is currently a mixer for Yahoo and 20th Century Fox.  She has worked on television series for all of the major US networks and over a dozen cable networks, and some of the shows she’s worked on have in excess of 10 million viewers per episode!

In addition to her audio work, April loves educating and helping others to achieve success and balance in both career and in life.   As a part of that, April writes a monthly blog for Soundgirls.org, writes regular articles for her own website, Pro Audio Girl, and also enjoys doing lectures and presentations.

I hope you enjoy April’s interview!  For more information about April, to contact her, or to read her insightful articles, please visit her website, proaudiogirl.com.

I hope you have a great week and thanks again to everybody who has been listening to the show!

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