Episode 58 Paul Roessler, Part 3

Today I conclude my three part conversation with musician, composer and producer Paul Roessler.

I basically want to wrap up this extended interview by asking all who took the time to listen to be sure to check out Paul’s Soundcloud page if you haven’t done so yet.  As Paul said during the interview, in order to truly understand him and find out what he’s all about, you have to take some time to listen to some of the really cool music he’s created.

Whether you listen to the brilliant prog rock masterpiece, “The Arc”, which Paul originally wrote when he was 16, or “Galatea”. which is one of Paul’s newest and proudest moments, take some time to explore what Paul has created, I have no doubt that you’ll find some exciting music that will certainly speak to you soul.

Thanks once again for listening and have a great week!

The Official Website of Paul Roessler

Paul Roessler on Soundcloud

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